Where The Wild Thing Grow – Fighting Germs

Our bodies are a pretty amazing thing!  Day after day, they work hard — digesting food, pumping blood and oxygen, sending signals from our brains and much more. But there is a group of tiny ‘invaders’ that can make our bodies sick — and you know them well! When germs get into our bodies, we don’t even know what hit us until the symptoms appear and we’ve been attacked.

So what can we do to help prevent germs? With flu season upon us, we can take the normal precautions such as getting vaccinated, washing our hand frequently with hot water and soap, and staying home if we are sick. But what else can we do?

When your immune system is down, your body is more prone to sickness. If you are experiencing a high amount of stress during the holidays, you are also prone. You may not know that a chiropractic adjustment can increase the activity of your immune system to help fight to keep you healthy. And an adjustment can also increase lymphatic flow which transports the waste from your body. When the body’s waste system flows more easily, your body is able to get rid of sickness more quickly.

When patients with common sicknesses and germs get adjusted, headaches will lessen, the sinuses can drain, and coughs will break up while clearing the rest of your nervous system which allows your body to recover faster.

We can’t keep ourselves in a bubble during colder temperatures, but we can do something to power up our immune system. Get regular adjustments and contact us for even more tips on how to stay healthy when those nasty germs seem to constantly surround us.

So do yourself a favor and give your immune system superpowers this winter by keeping your body at its optimal state of health! For more information, call us today @ (314) 394 2093

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